Air Raid 2018 Schedule

Air Hello All,

Thank you for your patience.  We had some unforeseen adjustments that were needed to be made late last night and then we had an addition worked in this morning.  Still, a Tuesday morning schedule is pretty reasonable for a tournament on Saturday.  But thank you again for your kind patience.  
Attached is the schedule and the rules.  Please refer to the rules with regard to seeding and tiebreakers.  This is a tournament but it’s also a relatively inexpensive event that brings hometown teams from a variety of places and distances together to play lacrosse.  So fun, is still the priority.  Please keep that in mind.  By the way, Saturday looks to be great weather wise, which will only add to a great day of lacrosse.
There may be some tweaking with the K/2 levels, but the rest of the schedule appears firm.  Speaking of the younger levels, If you notice there is a joint organizational game scheduled at Field #2 at 3:00.  This is for 1/2s that might want to join forces and play on a 3/4 Field just for a fun game.  If some parents can’t stay that long for the 1/2 players to participate in that game we understand.  Hopefully there will be enough players, parents and coaches staying anyway for some of the older teams to help make the game happen.  
I’ll send out a Field Map and a list of Vendors in attendance on Thursday.  That way if adjustment are needed to be made for any levels, such as the K/2s, the Final Schedule will be posted along with those items on Thursday.  I will also send out updated invoices in the next day or two as well.  
Thanks again,
~Jeremy & PLC