For the Players

Offensive Set DUKES is a 2-2-2

Lax 222

The Dukes set.  Numbers 1, 4, 2 are middies.  3,5,6 are attack.

If middie 1 or 2 has the ball and passes the ball to either attack 5 or 6 they cut towards the crease looking for the ball.  Crease middie 4 pops straight up to set a pick for the middie coming across.


If attack 5 or 6 as the ball and passes it up to middes 1 or 2, they cut to the crease and the attack rotate with him.


If a middie up top hear “Good Time name” the middie will fake dodge to the middle and dodge down the crease looking to shoot and score.  The close attack will cut to the crease, the far attack will cut to X.  The top middie will cut over and the crease middie will cut up far side.