9ers Lacrosse Philosophy

The Niners Lacrosse Club was established in 2010 to provide a high level, intense experience for student athletes in the Mid –Hudson Region of  Section 9, the athletic region  of New York state as defined by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.                          

It is our belief that by forming a collective ensemble featuring highly successful collegiate coaches, players as well as scholastic coaches with vested interests in broadening, elevating and refining lacrosse within the section, we could improve the overall level of play in the section.  We believe That with frequent practice, collective refinement of specific lacrosse criteria and philanthropic undertones that this emphasis will produce athletes who are better equipped to compete, will enhance their high school programs, and will be better prepared for entry into competitive collegiate programs. Cooperating Interscholastic coaches will also benefit by  improved coaching techniques through the interaction, sharing of philosophies and fellowship throughout Section 9.  We believe that the responsibility of a coach is much more than simply instructing players to win. Through our philosophy  of developing character while facilitating the development of the lacrosse player, we are helping to create a solid positive citizen who will transition into adulthood prepared to make a difference, who will have strategies and a mind set to deal with the challenges of life while learning to play the game they love at their highest level

In short, we aspire to make participation in Niners an experience that will impact this area and the individuals involved for generations to come both on and off the field!